Business Consulting

Buyers and sellers who want to import and export goods can benefit from the deep knowledge and experience of the employees of Taha Tejarat Aria Professional Trading Company.
TTA Co. Business Services Team, with offices in South Korea, China, Dubai and Tehran, operates in accordance with the latest international trade rules and regulations.

Our business consulting services:
Free consultation in trade affairs by experts in trade and customs affairs based on the latest directives, laws and regulations of the country’s customs trade

  • Free consultation in trade affairs by experts in trade and customs affairs based on the latest directives, laws and regulations of the country's customs trade
  • Estimate and announce all shipping and clearance costs (based on the value of the goods, legal tariff, etc.) before receiving the goods in the country of origin (based on pre-invoices, catalogs, brochures and documents provided)
  • Concluding a valid contract based on the pre-invoice and the information provided to calculate the costs
  • Announce shipping and clearance costs to business partners within 24 hours
Identification target market
Analysis and Survey market
Consulting and Solutions

International trade often begins with imports or exports for small and medium-sized enterprises.
However, even this first step requires a lot of marketing, technical knowledge and experience and includes barriers that could seriously jeopardize your interests in international markets.
It is true that internationalization can be beneficial for any company in terms of cost reduction (transfer), market differentiation (export) and the development of key strengths such as competitive advantages and is a key factor for growth.
But despite these advantages, it may lead to failure and loss of capital and time due to trade barriers, technical problems, and lack of experience and knowledge.

Familiarity with customs regulations and tariffs of countries and Familiarity with the process of entry and exit of goods from customs and the process of investment and attracting and supporting investors by governments is a prerequisite for business work that TTA Co. Trading is ready to provide services to manufacturers and traders in this field.

The company also tries to reduce the costs and prevent delays in the arrival of goods using the best legal and economic conditions to provide a suitable environment for dear customers.

Where to start business consulting to start a business?
Deciding to start a business requires these acquaintances and an estimate of the expected costs of buying and selling, including commodity prices, shipping costs (sea, land, air or combined), customs costs, and so on. TTA Co. Trading, by using experienced and specialized staff and also by using the latest strategic information, helps its customers in getting acquainted with all customs matters (tariffs, laws, regulations, circulars, etc.) and provides the necessary services. Presents to them.

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