Foreign payment order

Payment Order is one of the types of foreign exchange services that has been added to the list of transactions of various banks in the world during the last few years, and through it, you can easily make currency exchanges with any person anywhere in the world.

In simpler term, what does a currency remittance do?
Foreign exchange remittance is a type of payment order according to which a bank or financial institution, at the request of the customer or the owner of a bank account, must issue a remittance through one of its brokerage banks abroad and from  . He wants to pay this amount of remittance to the person in question abroad.that brokerage bankServices provided by Taha tejarat Aria Trading Company in this regard :

  • Trade Bill Registration
  • Send requests to bank brokers abroad
  • Register remittances on the Swift global network
  • Government currency remittance
  • Nimai currency remittance
  • Carrying out bank transfer remittance banking formalities in Iran .
Payment order

What are the documents required for a currency transfer?

Banks or financial institutions, in order to increase the security of the process of transferring remittances, have imposed strict rules, one of which has been to obtain valid identification documents from individuals and legal entities.
Real persons must have documents such as the identity card of the original national card and a copy of a three-by-four photo,but legal entities (companies) must receive documents such as establishment notice, business license, business card to receive foreign exchange remittances (business card). Equal to the original), have a copy of the articles of association, national card and identity card of the managers and owners of the company.

Taha tejart Aria Trading Company, using experienced and professional staff, has made bank transfers with a business card and according to the credits that we have obtained in the field of trade and operating banks, as a customs affairs consultant with you traders and We will be respected businessmen.

Payment order
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