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Representation of valid Korean companies

Due to the membership of Taha Tejarat Aria Company in the Iran-Korea Chamber of Commerce and also the increase of economic interactions between the two countries, it is possible for our dear customers to take the necessary measures if they have the necessary conditions to obtain representation.

TTA Co. Trading Team allows you to take solid steps to expand global trade from the initial face-to-face negotiation stage to the contract.
TTA Co. also provides its customers with complete information about which products and brands have the most sales in the market, which helps customers to seek representation from reputable and large companies. Be informed about the future market of the desired product and move in this direction with more confidence.
For advice and more information, please contact our business experts in Tehran and South Korea.

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Korean Company
Agency Registration

Company registration process in South Korea

  • Preparation of economic justification plan and forecasting the company's future performance (business plan)
  • Submit the passport of the applicant and his / her companions along with the exact address of residence with the approval of the notary public of the residence: These documents must be translated and approved by the South Korean consulate, which takes one week to verify.
  • Lease of a commercial office in South Korea
  • Submission of company name: This name must be approved by the Supreme Court of South Korea.
  • Preparing and presenting the company's articles of association
  • Register your company with the South Korean Tax Office and receive your tax identification number and business certificate
  • Opening an account after completing all registration steps in the name of the company or main person

Taha Tearat Aria Trading Company is ready to provide services in the field of concluding commercial contracts and representing reputable South Korean companies to you, esteemed merchants and traders.

Representation of reputable Korean companies