Shipping and air freight from South Korea

Transportation Shipping and air freight from South Korea

Maritime transport is an integral part of trade. Efficient services in this area have a positive impact on international trade. International sea freight, if done properly in Iran, will increase Iran’s international trade and increase the volume of maritime exports. The issue of international maritime transport is very important in free and competitive trade due to its impact on the fixed price of goods transported by sea freight.

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  • فریت بار هوایی
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Air transportation from Korea
Shipping from South Korea
International transport from Korea

Air freight is done in two forms: cargo and freight. Cargo is related to the transportation of commercial goods and freight is related to the transportation of goods related to passengers. For air freight, use special aircraft for Beluga or Antonov 225 and send it to another country or within the same country using national goods. But this type of shipment is typically used to send goods and air freight between two different countries.
Freight is actually a cargo of travelers who intend to travel for a long time and have to carry their personal belongings and needs and are not commercial in nature. But commercial goods that may be shipped between different countries are called cargo and are transported by private cargo planes. If air freight is used to move cargo, up to $ 20 per kilogram will be insured, and if this amount is not enough, according to the value of the goods, the insurance will be purchased separately, if all is observed. Necessary standards will be paid to the owner.

TTA Trading Company, in the field of aviation, using cooperation agreements with foreign airlines, has the ability to move various shipments to South Korea, Dubai, China, free trade zones and vice versa.

Shipping and Air transport
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