Accompanied in South Korean exhibitions

Accompanied in South Korean exhibitions

Taha Tejarat Aria Trading Group, by developing relations with international forums in the field of exhibition industry, tries to meet the needs of participants and visitors in order to display and introduce the achievements and industrial products and commercial services of the country by setting up and managing exhibition centers and booths at home and abroad (South Korea).
It is worth noting that translators will be sent to exhibitions in South Korea.

Commercial Trading Exhibitions
Coex and Kintex Exhibition
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As Korea’s largest trade show organizer, Coex was the first trade show host in Korea to obtain a UFI license. Our portfolio includes more than 25 annual trade fairs. With customized packages for international exhibitors and buyers and an extensive network of international partners and partners, Coex trade fairs provide the best service for any global exhibitor.

Coex is Korea’s most prolific and experienced provider of event management services for exhibitions and conferences.
We provide event management services for more than 30 major annual events, including international conferences, exhibitions, sporting events and concerts.
Our services include exhibition management, general coordination for world meetings, reception and travel arrangements.

Taha Tejarat Aria Trading Company is proud to accompany and accompany you in all stages of participating in South Korean trade fairs with a translator.

Accompanied in South Korean exhibitions
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