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شرکت بازرگانی-طاها-تجارت


Taha  Trading Company is the leader in providing commercial services, with the main office operating in South Korea since the beginning and conducting business directly between Iran and South Korea.

شرکت بازرگانی-طاها-تجارت

Why Taha Trade group?

Obtaining representation from reputable South Korean companies

Taking into account the membership of Taha Tejarat Company in the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Korea and the increase of economic interactions between the two countries, this possibility is provided for you, dear customer.

Sea and air transportation of goods from South Korea

Shipping is an inseparable part of business. Efficient services in this field have a positive impact on international trade.

All export and import affairs from South Korea

Today, South Korea's successful economy is a model for many developing countries. South Korea now has a multi-thousand billion developed economy.

Accompaniment in South Korean exhibitions with a translator

As Korea's largest trade show organizer, Coes was the first trade show organizer in Korea to obtain the UFI license.

About Taha Tejarat Trading Group

Taha Trading Company, a leader in providing commercial services, has been established by having an active head office in South Korea from the beginning and conducting business directly between Iran and South Korea.
Taha trading Company, with the aim of expanding domestic and international trading activities in line with the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also achieving a good rank among the top trading companies in the world with the position of an international level company in the field of commercial affairs and trade of various products Trade and expansion of trade and economic partnerships with the private sector, development of suppliers’ resources and support to the ever-increasing dynamism and growth of the trade and commercial sector of our dear country, operates in South Korea and Iran.


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Services Provided by Taha trading

Advice on buying goods

Today, with the global development, buying from countries around the world, including buying goods from South Korea and trading with South Korea, has become a common and completely normal thing. With the development of trade and ordering goods by international businesses...

Carrying out remittances and foreign exchange affairs

Payment Order is one of the types of foreign exchange services that have been added to the transaction list of different banks in the world in the last few years, and through it, you can easily exchange currency with anyone anywhere in the world...

Credit opening of documents

Opening a letter of credit is a commitment from the bank to the buyer and seller in international transactions. In this method, the buyer instructs his bank to deposit the amount of the transaction to the seller's account, provided that the seller provides the documents related to the transaction correctly.

Business Consulting

International business starts with import or export for small and medium enterprises. However, even this first step requires a lot of marketing, technical know-how and experience, and contains obstacles that can hinder your interests...

International Shipping

Shipping is an inseparable part of business. Efficient services in this field have a positive impact on international trade. If international sea freight is carried out properly in Iran and...

Consulting in investment matters

Familiarity with the regulations and customs tariffs of countries, as well as familiarity with the process of entry and exit of goods from customs and the process of investment and attraction and support of investors by governments is a requirement of commercial work, which means commerce and trade and...

Cargo Service

Cargo services move goods and cargo through different methods such as air, sea, land and combined. These services include the transportation of all kinds of legal goods, including clothing, electronics, food, etc.

Goods release from Customs

Clearance of goods means preparing and presenting the necessary documents to facilitate export and import to the country on behalf of the owner of the goods and performing customs duties including paying fees and receiving the cargo from customs and...

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